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Blondes have always been fascinating! This also applies to the blonde escorts in Bradford. But what is it about them that makes many men prize them above brunettes and redheads? Scientists tell us that it is largely due to their rarity. But another line of thought is that men may be making a subconscious choice for a sexy blonde escort without really knowing why. For over the years, it is not just the attraction that has built up their reputation as ultra sexy, up for a good time, the one to watch, etc, but because they have been portrayed as insatiable, sensual, red hot mommas in comic books, novels, TV, and films. The idea has now become part of the culture. It may not be the reality, for many clients know that the brunettes at this Bradford escorts agency are just as hot! It is now how many see the blonde or indeed the blonde escort. She is a red flag, an immediate danger sign to other women if they see her attracting their man! Preconceptions have influenced our beliefs about them, they are labeled as seductive, and confident of their sexual prowess.

Truth or legend?

In the early years, the blonde hair of a child is most frequently associated with sweetness and innocence! Somewhere along the way, she changes into a flaxen-haired vamp!! So do blonde escorts in Bradford appeal to more men? Is the proof of the pudding in the eating? So when guys date one of the delectable escorts Bradford has available on this popular escorts agency, are they sold on blondes for life?? Or have they fallen for the hype of the ongoing exposure to blonde models wherever they look in so many advertisements and across all types of media? We can tell you that the blonde agency escorts we have available are sizzling hot!! But so are the brunettes and those especially rare redheaded escorts!!! Maybe you might love the look of her, but her hair color doesn’t actually contribute to her talents as an escort in Bradford. Those talents are found in all our gorgeous girls, because that is what we have selected them for, to please you, when we were recruiting!

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